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Surpass Library Automation Products
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Small Library Automation

If your library has fewer than 5,000 volumes, Surpass SL is for you! If you need to provide access to your catalog via the Internet, then Surpass Web SL can meet your need.

Surpass SL and Surpass Web SL are ideal for small libraries such as:
  • Churches and synagogues needing more than the basics in Surpass Church Library Edition
  • Small private, parochial, and charter schools
  • Small corporate libraries and resource centers
  • Private collections

Each Surpass SL bundle includes all the software you need to get your small library automated, including a full-featured searchable patron catalog. Our SL bundles also include one year of free technical support to help you get up and running. Just add an optional barcode scanner and you're ready to go!

Surpass SL includes
  • Central: circulation, administration, cataloging, reporting
  • Safari Desktop Edition: patron catalog
  • Stand-alone license: may be run on a non-networked PC
    (network licensing may be purchased)
Surpass Web SL includes
  • Central: circulation, administration, cataloging, reporting
  • Safari Web Edition: web-based patron catalog
  • Site License: allows unlimited access to your catalog
Surpass Web SL is a good choice if:
  • You want to make your collection searchable via the Internet. Patrons can visit your library's home page, then click a link to enter the Web Safari catalog
  • .
  • You have your own web server on site (not just a web page hosted by a web hosting company) or you choose Surpass Hosting Service.
  • You have a high-speed "always on" Internet connection so that your web server (running Web Safari) will always be available.
  • You have a static IP address from your ISP (or utilize a dynamic DNS service like such as the one found at or you subscribe to Surpass Hosting Service.
  • You have a technician capable of maintaining your in-house web server on which Web Safari will reside. Our support department can assist your technician with Web Safari, but can not provide basic web server setup training. If this does not describe your situation, but you still want a web-based catalog, you can choose Surpass Hosting Service.

You may wish to expand your SL system by adding network licensing, Surpass Copycat, Surpass Serials, or Surpass Self-Check. Should your collection grow beyond 5,000 volumes, the upgrade path to Surpass Select is easy.

TestimonialsCustomer Comments

"I love using Surpass in my school library.  It has excellent features, is quick and easy to learn and use on a daily basis and the customer service for when I have an issue is INCOMPARABLE."


-Aviva Adler
Shevach High School
Flushing, NY

Surpass Library Automation Products