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Surpass Library Automation Products

Surpass Data Services

Retrospective Conversion
  • 100% conversion
  • Records are pulled from a database with millions of titles
  • Audiovisual materials included (limited, special price)
  • Complete MARC record information includes author, title, publisher, and subject heading, as well as custom keying of call number, book price and barcode number

When we receive your PO, we'll send you boxes to ship your cards. We'll also send an order form; on it you specify how you want custom fields keyed and other preferences that assure consistency throughout your collection.

Average turn-around time is 6 to 8 weeks.

Patron Import Templates

We can create a patron import template to allow you to regularly import patron information that has been exported in ASCII text from programs like employee or student management systems. Cost varies depending on the level of custom programming needed.

Simply send us a sample export from your student or employee management system and we can offer a firm price on the custom template.

The import can be scheduled to run automatically on a schedule you choose -- perhaps weekly or daily.

Excel to MARC conversion

Need to do a retrospective conversion from data that exists in an Excel spreadsheet? This service will convert your Excel data to MARC format. We can also accept files in ASCII tab-delimited format. Your data can then be processed with our Record Replacement (below) to replace brief records with full database records.

Average turn-around time is 1 week.

Record Replacement (electronic recon)

Are your MARC records in poor shape? Replace them with good ones! It's a great way to clean up your catalog! The service will match your records against our database with millions of high-quality MARC records. For all matches found, your records will be replaced with good ones from our database and your local holdings fields will be retained.

Average turn-around time is 2 weeks.

We can additionally provide a manual review service on all your non-hits, which can significantly increase your hit rate. If your hit rate falls below a threshold, which you determine, we'll run a sample of non-hits through the system with our manual review process to provide you with an estimate of the new hit rate. With your approval, we'll run the remainder of the non-hits through our manual review program

One-Time Data Transfer or Multi-Site Consolidation

Switching from another automation system, or consolidating libraries on various systems to Centriva? We can provide data transfer services to move your existing materials and patron data to Surpass. Ask your Surpass automation specialist for details.

Surpass Hosting Service

If you need a server for your Surpass automation products, Surpass Hosting Service is a great option. With Surpass Hosting Service, you own your software and pay a monthly service charge for Surpass to host it on our secure servers.


TestimonialsCustomer Comments

"Giving teachers in southwest Ohio a way to view our holdings online has been wonderful."

-Katherine Knall
SW ABLE Resource Center
Dayton, OH

Surpass Library Automation Products